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Halo Infinite battle passes will run you $10 and can be swapped at will

Pick and choose which battle pass is active.

343 Industries has revealed more details about the battle pass system for Halo Infinite along with the price.

While we know a bit about battle passes already, like the fact they never expire, and we know the first one will arrive alongside the game's release next month, this is the first time the studio has offered up information on pricing.

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Speaking with IGN, the studio divulged the pass will run you $10 and since there are no loot boxes, you will always know exactly what you’re getting.

Again, battle passes never expire, but you can only have one active at a time. That said, you can change which one is active at any given time. Almost every quarter of the battle pass will have a legendary cosmetic and these will either be canon-related or a new type of customization object with special attributes or effects, and event rewards will be separate.

The first battle pass will be centered around Halo: Reach and is called Heroes of Reach, as was announced back in June. The first armor core will feature Reach customization options, other rewards include Death Effects and armor kits. What will not be included in this or any other battle pass though are "uncharacteristic emotes" like Master Chief flossing or something else along those lines.

New customization options can also be earned outside the battle pass through the campaign and by completing all weekly challenges which those who played in the Halo Infinite test flight can attest. Events will also provide additional options, and each event will have its own free event pass. The pass is a timed reward system in multiplayer but it will not include a paid track.

How it works, is you will get a special playlist and a new reward track for each event. That’s two weeks for an event and one week for the Fracture, but the Fracture comes back every month and it saves your progress. 343 said it will monitor progression through events and may even do more test flighting to see what players are responding to in terms of rewards or progress.

Speaking of the Fracture event, this recurring event is where the more unique cosmetics will come into play such as the Yoroi samurai armor. This event allows the player in multiplayer to look non-cannon and have a bit of fun as they are not actually playing as Master Chief. That said, the armor will still make a bit of sense within the Halo universe, so don’t expect polka dots or something equally as silly.

According to 343, the battle pass system is “just a small part of the overall ecosystem for a season,” and the plan is to take the structure of a battle pass and layer it with the event structure. The goal is for players to feel rewarded each time they engage in an activity and the battle pass “sits above all of that.”

Halo Infinite will finally arrive for Xbox consoles and PC on December 8.

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