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Halo Infinite battle pass progression is getting changed later this week

After complaints about how long it takes to level up in Halo Infinite's battle pass proliferated, 343 Industries has promised action.

It's only been a few days since Halo Infinite multiplayer's surprise launch, but already, complaints about how long it takes to level up in the shooter's battle pass has lead developer 343 Industries to change how progression in the game works.

We already knew the developers were intending to change how lervelling up the battle pass worked, but the speed of the turnaround has been quite impressive.

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"To start, we'll be adding 'Play 1 Game' challenges to help make sure you consistently progress through the battle pass by playing matches the way you want," 343's community manager, John Junyszek, wrote. "We'll also be adjusting, fixing bugs with, and removing some weekly challenges based on your feedback. These tunings to challenge difficulty will help you progress through Weekly Challenges faster and thus directly speed up your progress through the battle pass."

In order to do this, the studio will need to reset weekly challenge progress. Never fear, though; we're all going to get a little treat as a present for having our progress affected.

"To make up for this reset, we'll be granting this week's ultimate reward, the Sigil Mark 7 Visor, to everyone who logs in from November 23 - November 30," Junyszek explained.

Elsewhere, changes are being made to the expereince boosters you can purchase and unlock. Currently, these items only give you 30 minutes of boosted experience gain, but since the Halo Infinite matches take a fair while (especially in Big Team Battle), the studio is upping this timer to an hour per go.

These alterations will start rolling out later this week.

The game has already been a massive success, with Halo Infinite reaching peaks of 272,000 concurrent players on Steam alone in its first 24 hours on live servers.

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