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GTTV: New Mafia II video, MOH, Gears, Twisted Metal

Mafia II 2

The latest episode of Game Trailers TV is out, and in it you get to hear David Jaffe talk about vehicle combat in the new Twisted Metal, Jeff Bridges chat about Tron, and Todd McFarlane discuss his latest project with 38 Studios.

There's also some Halo: Reach goodies in it, with Bungie revealing bits about the Sanctuary map, and other maps you may be familiar with making an appearance in the game.

Mafia II has a world exclusive trailer in there as well, showing all sorts of explosions, guys getting shot, bodies getting buried, a man getting thrown out of a very tall building - typical Mob related stuff. You'll love it.

Cliff Bleszinski talks about underground combat in Gears 3, the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs The World shows up, and Linkin Park tease their new video and tune from Medal of Honor.

It's loaded to the gills with stuff. You will want to watch.

Do so here.

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