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GTA 6 release date is very likely before April 2025

The smell of money is on the wind, according to a Take Two earnings call.

Custom GTA 6 logo over the top of Lance Vance from Vice City Stories, holding a briefcase full of money.
Image credit: VG247

A recent Take Two earnings call has given some hope to the information-starved Grand Theft Auto fan, as it points to the next financial year as a major source of income. In simple terms, there's a good chance we'll get GTA 6 before April 2025.

This conclusion stems from one statement in particular from the Take Two earnings call (which you can listen to yourself here), which was reported on Twitter by one Stephen Totilo: "We still expect to deliver $8 billion in Net Bookings... next year".

Okay but what are 'Net Bookings'? It doesn't refer to simply sales – the act of paying $60 for a game. Net Bookings is a foward-looking term that refers to the money exchanged for a service with a given window. So, in the case of GTA6, this would mean the cost of the game, as well as any additional purchases (such as GTA+, if it exists in GTA6, or any microtransactions from then on). Given the size of the figure, this points to a new major release pumping up those numbers. There lies the reasoning behind this being the GTA6 release window.

There's some other good info spread out across the earnings call and attached documents. According to CEO of Take Two, Strauss Zelnick, the company is off to a strong start in 2024, reporting $1.2 billion Net Bookings in the first quarter of the financial year (that's April to August). This comes via GTA 5, GTA Online, and NBA2K23, proving these series remain money-printers for the industry giant.

Up until now, there's been precious little conrete information on the game. We do know there will be a female protagonist who is part of a bank-robbing duo - but aside from leaks of early screenshots and footage from a now-arrested hacker, we've got little else to go on.

Hopefully this will change, given the financial expectation from Take Two and the imminent release of their next big powerhouse title. A new Grand Theft Auto game could be exactly what we need to cap off a frankly ridiculous string of releases in the coming months.

Let us know what you think below? What month within the financial year do you think GTA6 will drop in? Or, do you think this Net Bookings expectation comes from another source? Let us know below!

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