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GTA 5 will sell 25 Million units in first year, analyst claims

Grand Theft Auto 5's wheels are in motion following the start of pre-orders and the impending second trailer on November 14th. One analyst believes that the game could shift around 25 million copies in its first year on sale. Check out the rationale below.

Speaking with NowGamer, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has speculated that GTA 5 could hit such a huge sales target, and leaned towards an April release, "The HD market is softening as we enter into the tail end of this generation, but fortunately this softening has had little impact on our precious AAA titles."

"I have little concerns about when it is released," Divnich added, "GTA IV already proved to the market that even an April release, which has historically been avoided by the industry, can support a 20M+ title. Whether April, June, or even Winter, I’d expect GTA V to sell in upwards of 25M copies in its first 12 months."

What do you think? Could GTA 5 hit this magic number realistically, or is this wishful number flaunting? Let us know below.

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