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GTA 5: rapper teases return of San Andreas character B Dup

Grand Theft Auto 5 could see the return of character Mark 'B Dup' Wayne, as played by rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor, otherwise known as The Game. Taylor confirmed that he has worked with Rockstar on the game in a new interview with Wired 96.5. Watch the video below. Thanks CVG.

Skip to 3.49 to hear The Game talk about his work with Rockstar, and namedrop B Dup.

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In case you're unsure of who B Dup is, the GTA Wiki describes him as, "A loyal member to the Grove Street Families but began to move away from the gang and into the drug scene. Dup begins to sell drugs in Los Santos, including to Barry Thorne (Big Bear), who he enslaves as his servant. Dup has Bear clean his home in Ganton. B Dup is also later heard on West Coast Talk Radio, saying 'The problem in the hood is that there isn't enough drugs in the hood'".

Could The Game's involvement signify B Dup's return? We'll know when GTA 5 launches worldwide on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Spring 2013

It was revealed earlier today that the game's protagonist is an ‘East coast gangster’.

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