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God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim: Where to find two Muspelheim seeds and complete the combat challenges

Find the two Muspelheim Seeds to enter the realm of fire

In God of War Ragnarok, the fiery realm of Muspelheim is an unforgiving place, not just because of the brutal combat challenges it houses, but because it’s difficult to even get there in the first place.

To enter Muspelheim, Kratos must first find two Muspelheim Seeds during his travels. The first is found relatively early on in his adventure, while the second appears much later.

Here’s where to find both Muspelheim Seeds in God of War Ragnarok, as well as how to complete the deadly challenges that wait for you when you finally get there.

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What is Muspelheim in God of War Ragnarok?

Muspelheim is the primordial realm of fire in Norse mythology and is home to the fire giants, a powerful race of primeval Jotun.

In the Norse creation story for the universe, it was said that sparks from Muspelheim created the Sun, Moon and stars in the sky.

The most famous of the fire giants is Surtr, who, along with his wife Sinmara, plays a pivotal role in Ragnarok as well.

In the God of War series, Museplheim is home to combat challenges which push Kratos and Atreus to their limits. They include can include:

  1. Timed challenges where you have to defeat enemies, destroy an objective or protect an area
  2. Flawless challenges where you have to defeat enemies without taking damage
  3. Special challenges where you have to defeat enemies under certain conditions, like knocking them out of an area

While they’re tough, they’re not impossible and the rewards are well worth the effort expended completing them.

Where to find the two Muspelheim Seeds in God of War Ragnarok

Kratos standing in front of the chest containing the second Muspelheim Seed in God of War Ragnarok
Both Muspelheim Seeds are found in glowing chests

Both Muspelheim Seeds are found in Midgard:

  1. The first is found on Modvitnir’s Mining Rig in the Bay of Bounty. All you need to do is climb the rig and loot the glowing chest you find there.
  2. The second Muspelheim Seed is found in Alberich Hollow on Dragon Beach after your second visit to Svartalfheim during the main story. After this story arc, you acquire an item that lets you swing up to higher ledges. Climb the chain on the left-hand side of Dragon Beach, then swing to the platform which leads to Alberich Hollow. At the end of the platform, go left and there is a glowing chest covered by rocks in the cave here. Throw a firebomb from the nearby dispenser to acquire the second Muspelheim Seed.
The map location in Alberich Hollow of the second Muspelheim Seed in God of War Ragnarok
The second Muspelheim Seed is found in Alberich Hollow

How do you complete the Muspelheim combat challenges in God of War Ragnarok?

With both Muspelheim seeds acquired, you can now make your way to the realm of fire from any Mystic Gateway.

Once you’re there, explore the pathways and you will see a Nornir Chest in front of Brok and Sindri’s Shop.

To open it, go to the northwest, north and northeast. Here you will see giant swords sticking out of the ground bearing the same runes as the chest. Complete the challenges the swords offer and you can open the chest.

These challenges are recommended from about character level 5, but are easier if you do them in the post-game.

Either way, here’s a run-down of each one.

  • Timed challenge - Remember to switch between weapons to quickly damage shielded enemies. Use Blades for blue shield, Axe for red and Spear for Grey. Reward: Divine ashes, Shoulder Guard of Undying Pyres
  • Flawless - Immediately take out the ranged enemies who appear on the upper levels of the arena, since they’re the ones most likely to clip you - Reward: Divine Ashes
  • Ring out - Make use of the R2 Spear combo here, it’s the best at pushing enemies. Reward: Divine Ashes, Bracers of Undying Pyres
  • Feed the Rift - Most enemies drop cores to throw in the rift, pick them up and throw before moving on to fighting something else. Reward: Divine Ashes
  • Population control - Focus on defeating the Bergersa Mother and nothing else. Reward: Divine Ashes,Girdle of Undying Pyres
  • King of the Hill - Your goal is to not let the time bar fill up, charged spear throws and detonations are best for keeping them at bay. Reward: Divine Ashes

Once all of those six are completed, you can return to the main area and open the chest. Your reward is a Chaos Flame to fully upgrade your Blades of Chaos.

There are then more optional challenges to complete, but this starts a new quest!

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