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God of War Ragnarok accessibility features revealed

The game will have over 60 accessibility options designed to suit players’ needs.

Santa Monica Studio has revealed a selection of the accessibility options for God of War Ragnarok.

According to the studio, there will be over 60 options available to players starting with a redesigned UI which will allow for more flexibility and readability..

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The studio also rebuilt controller remapping from the ground up and added more customization to the combat and interaction systems. All accessibility features from 2018’s God of War have been retained and expanded upon so that you can adjust the gameplay to best suit your style and needs.

Some other accessibility features include Sprint Auto Sprint, Always on Reticle, and the ability to toggle the aim stance or shield stance either on or off.

Caption sizes for subtitles can now be chosen along with colors. The minimum text size has been increased with added scaling and this includes extra-large text size to make subtitles and captions more readable. A larger text area was also added to match TV and movie subtitle standards. You can also adjust the colors (seven in total) of speaker names, subtitle body, and captions individually. You can also show or hide speaker names.

Captions have also been added to cinematics and gameplay, and you can even enable captions for critical gameplay information to assist with puzzles and narrative understanding. Other options include blurring the background behind subtitles and captions to make them more readable over a complex scene.

In addition to blur, options to darken the background behind subtitles for better readability on snow have been retained from God of War 2018, and high contrast backing includes multiple opacity settings.

A Direction Indicator will now show the direction a sound is coming from which will come in handy when there are puzzles that have sound cues.

Controller Remapping will allow you to customize your button configurations through a wide range of preset layouts, as well as custom controller remapping support. Individual buttons can be swapped and, for select complex actions, you can choose alternate configurations from a preset list. There are various ways to customize certain actions that require more than one button, including TouchPad Shortcuts for Spartan Rage, Navigation Assist, and Quick Turn.

There is also a new high contrast color mode allowing you to apply color to objects in-game like targets, enemies, and other characters, in addition to a variety of item types. When active, this will apply a color layer to characters that will make them more visible against the background. The background can ve desaturated, traversal paint, loot items, and special effects can also be made more visible using this mode.

New to God of War is Navigation Assist which allows you to orient your view towards your compass objective. When not in combat, pressing the Navigation Assist button will orient your view in the direction of the next story goal. There is also traversal assistance which will automate actions such as gap jumping, vaulting, and more based on the direction you press.

These are just some of the accessibility options you can expect when the game releases.

God of War Ragnarok will conclude the Norse saga and picks up a few years after the events of God of War (2018). There will be a bit of complexity in the interactions between father and son this time out, especially with the revelation of Atreus’ Giant heritage and the "hidden prophecy only Kratos saw."

In the game, you can expect to use new attack abilities, there's a new Runic Summon for Atreus and the return of Kratos' legendary weapons.

The game is expected to be released sometime this year.

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