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Ghostwire: Tokyo on PC supports upscaling tech DLSS and FSR, features ray-traced reflections, shadows

There's also a decent amount of graphics settings available to tweak the game to your liking.

Ghostwire: Tokyo on PC will support DLSS, FSR, and ray tracing, which is good news for those looking to experience a lovely rain-soaked, neon-lit version of the big city.

As noted by Wccftech, the game supports various upscaling technologies such as Unreal Engine's Temporal Super Resolution, Nvidia DLSS, and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). You will want to enable one of these choices in order to enjoy ray-traced reflections and shadows.

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Various graphics setting are also available allowing you to tweak the ray tracing culling distance, global illumination, shadow maps, subsurface scattering, and texture streaming. Motion blur can be turned off and the game supports an uncapped frame rate and fullscreen mode.

Activating HDR mode will update the brightness slider so you can change the maximum luminance and the UI luminance level. Also, Ultrawide displays are supported.

Out on March 25, Ghostwire Tokyo is coming to PC and as a timed console exclusive for PS5. In the game, most of Tokyo's citizens have mysteriously vanished and spirits known as Visitors have invaded.

During this time as the main character, you start to develop supernatural powers and will fight the spirits. You will also later encounter a group of masked survivors who hold the key to unveiling the mystery behind the events in the city.

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