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Gears of War movie will be "gritty," "real"

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Speaking to MTV, Gears of War movie screenwriter Chris Morgan has revealed that the film will be a dirty representation of the games, but that "fun lines" will keep things light.

"I can't write a joke to save my life, but I can, at the right moment, tap into that human thing that comes in when you're in a foxhole and things are raining down," Morgan said.

"I think you will definitely have those fun moments, those fun lines and moments between the two. But by and large, I think it will be gritty and real.

"I want to write and play it as though it happened today," he added. "Look outside at your city and imagine that the Locust started rising — that's how I want it to feel."

It's going to be a mix of live action and CGI, said Morgan.

The plan is to stay away from an "all-green-screen, all-CGI movie," Morgan said, only using the computer effects for "the big stuff" and certain scenes featuring the Locust.

More through there. No fixed date on the film yet.

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