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Fortnite's next new vehicle is a hamster ball

Epic's creative director says the new vehicle is "amazing."

The Baller is Fornite's newest vehicle and looks like that huge hamster ball from Jurassic World, except it only seats one. Sad.

"Roll through the competition with the newest vehicle, The Baller!" reads the in-game message of the day, via Lucas7yoshi.

Epic worldwide creative direcor, Donald Mustard, shared a tweet poking fun at the single-seater orb, saying, "Just you wait. It. Is. Amazing."

The vehicle is expected to drop in patch v8.10. The update will also see the Axetec's rarity change from uncommon to rare. Currently in the store for 800 V-bucks, what appeared to be a pricing error was flagged by redditor r/FortNiteBR who asked, "Since when are uncommon harvesting tools 800 vbucks?"

Community manager u/spazinski confirmed that this was an item rarity error, rather than a pricing mistake.

"This pickaxe was incorrectly set to uncommon (green). It will be changed to rare (blue) in the 8.10 update."

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