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Vi from League of Legends is making her way to Fortnite

Following Jinx, who joined the large cast a guest characters a while back, Vi is available on the store starting tomorrow

If you cast you mind back to November of last year, you may remember Jinx popping up in Fortnite as a character skin as part of the massive Arcane event. A few months later, her sister Vi is right on her tail, being added to Fortnite in similar fashion starting January 23 at 4PM PST / 7PM EST / and midnight GMT.

Much like before, Vi is coming with a selection of other cosmetics based on the character. These include the Bunny Memories of Zaun Back Bling which comes with the outfit, a Piltover Warden Hammer Pickaxe, and the Punching Practice emote.

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All these come either as single items available to players, or piled together as part of the Arcane Vi Bundle, which adds an exclusive Piltover’s Finest Loading Screen. For those who missed Jinx the first time around, her and all the Jinx-themed cosmetics will also be appearing in the store alongside Vi, so you’ll have a chance to grab everything if you perhaps got onboard the Arcane hype train a tad late.

This seems like both an obvious pretty cool addition to the massive roster of guest characters in Fortnite, and it makes sense to see an increasing number of Arcane characters land in the hugely popular battle royale following the partnership between Riot and Epic Games last year. I for one have my fingers crossed for Ekko coming in the near future, a standout character also seen in Arcane and a personal favourite from the show.

Will you be picking this new Vi bundle up? Let us know in the comments below!

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