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Fornite Poison Trap accidentally leaked early by Epic Games

Today's Fortnite message of the day seems to have briefly tipped off players early about the rolling out of the new Poison Trap.

Originally leaked a couple of weeks ago via datamined files and the week 3 loading screens (thanks, Fortnite Insider!), Fortnite News has spotted another clue that indicates that the poison traps will be coming in this week's v8.20 update.

The in-game Message of the Day appears to have been accidentally updated early, with the Poison Trap slated as "coming soon."

It also announced the addition of Nite Nite and Peekaboo clown skins to the item shop, which will presumably be showing up imminently.

Fortnite leaker lucas7yoshi_ posted a screenshot of the in-game news before it was taken down.

Somebody seems to have buggered up over at Epic, with the news feed receiving multiple updates in quick succession, before settling on the current screen.

The official Fornite Twitter account has confirmed that update v8.20 is planned to roll out on Wednesday.

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