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Fortnite No Sweat Summer event walkthrough: How to complete every No Sweat Summer quest

Both suns and guns are out in Fortnite right now - and there are prizes to earn!

The No Sweat Summer event has arrived in Fortnite, providing plenty of opportunities to relax by the beach, net some hot new cosmetics, and get a few victory royales while you’re at it. Core to the update are a collection of No Sweat Summer quests - with a new one popping up in game every day.

To help you get the most out of No Sweat Summer, we’ve written out this quick walkthrough for each quests so you can nab all the attached rewards before they’re removed forever. It’s worth remembering that once the event ends on August 9, at which point all the prizes will be gone forever.

Watch the trailer for the No Sweat Summer update here!

Land after jumping from the Battle Bus

This one is easy enough. All you have to do is join any game of Fortnite and jump from the battle bus at the start of the game! Once you’ve landed on the ground, this should automatically complete.

No Sweat Sign

This quest has two steps, both of which are fairly simply. First off, jump into any game of Fortnite and head to the beaches either East of Sanctuary or Sout hof Shifty Shafts. Once there, you’ll find several sign racks across the beach where the No Sweat signs can be found.

Sign stand in Fortnite's Summer Nights event
This is what the sign rack looks like - keep an eye out!

Pick one up, and a marker should be added to your minimap. By carrying a sign over to the marked location, and walking into the exact location, you will automatically place the sign down and the quest will complete.

Be careful though. You can’t sprint with the No Sweat sign in your hands, so you should make sure the coast is clear of any other enemy players before picking one up.

No Sweat Summer rewards

There are three main rewards for completing No Sweat Summer quests, which you earn by completing a set number of No Sweat Summer quests. The rewards are listed below:

  • No Sweat Summer backbling: Complete three No Sweat Summer quests
  • No Sweat Summer glider: Complete seven No Sweat Summer quests
  • No Sweat Summer emote: Complete forteen No Sweat Summer quests

With 14 quests being the max milestone, this does mean you can afford to miss a few quests during this event and still snatch all the prizes, which is nice for all of you out there with social lives, loved ones you care about, and other non gamer stuff.

That concludes our walkthrough so far! As more quests are added, we’ll update this guide with additional information so you can collect every prize exclusive to this event!

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