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Fortnite: land on top of a floating island and a meteor

We're just over halfway through Fortnite's tenth season and this week you'll be visiting two old locations to earn your Battle Stars.

The floating island with a mini Kevin the Cube returned to the Fortnite map last week, complete with the motel on top. The meteor has remained static in the sky since the beginning of Season 10, and this week you'll need to land on top of both locations as part of The Return challenges.

Fortnite Season 10: Land on top of a floating island and a meteor

To land on top of the floating island, you can either jump out of the battle bus and aim for it or travel on foot and use the vortex to travel up towards it.

For the meteor, your best bet is to try and land on it once you've jumped from the bus.

And that's it! You can check out our guides for some of the more difficult Fortnite Prestige challenges here, as well the locations of the Season 10 hidden Battle Stars.

For the other challenges this week you need to mark a chest, a shield item and a healing item in a single match - here's how!

And we also have another page on where you can touch a giant glowing cube, enter the rift above Loot Lake and search a landing pod within a meteor, take a look here.

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