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Former Witcher 3 developers form new studio Wickerman Games

Dan Cordell and Chris Hardwick, both formerly of CD Projekt Red, have started a new studio.


On the developer's new website, the two men state that they founded the company "with the goal of making games we want to play that nobody seems to be making." As of right now though, they have not announced specific plans for the company's first game, although the site clarifies that they both have an "unhealthy obsession with pen and paper RPGs" and that they "wish to bring what (they) love about these games and merge them the things (they) love about computer games".

Both men have worked numerous jobs within the industry before working for CD Projekt Red, with Hardwick having previously worked at Codemasters, Electronic Arts, and Starbreeze Studios.

Wickerman Games is based in the UK. For more information about the company going forward, you can follow their blog posts.

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