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For Honor claims top spot in UK Charts, the biggest new IP at No.1 since No Man's Sky

For Honor's launch week has been very successful, at least as far as the UK Charts are concerned.


Ubisoft may not have revealed any For Honor sales details yet, but in the UK, the game's performance is being compared to hits like The Division and No Man's Sky.

According to GfK, For Honor topped the charts across all formats this past week. This makes it the biggest new IP launch at the same spot since No Man's Sky. 57% of sales were made on PS4, leaving 43% for Xbox One.

Sniper Elite 4, which launched in the same week, came in at the second spot. The unstoppable GTA 5 had to drop to No.3, despite a 7% increase in sales.

Find the full top ten below:

  • 1. For Honor
  • 2. Sniper Elite 4
  • 3. GTA 5
  • 4. FIFA 17
  • 5. Battlefield 1
  • 6. Resident Evil 7
  • 7. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 8. Rocket League
  • 9. Forza Horizon 3
  • 10. Watch Dogs 2

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