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For Honor cheating will get you banned, even on the first offense - 400 hit so far

Cheaters aren't welcome in For Honor, because, well, it's not honorable, ya know?


Ubisoft is taking cheaters to task in For Honor, and has already banned up to 400 players from the game - even if they were a first offender.

The game uses the EasyAntiCheat program which detects and flags those who are hacking, cheating and even those who are being offensive. Matter of fact, the system has also banned 70 people for violating the game's code of conduct by communicating in an offensive manner.

"After being flagged by EasyAntiCheat, suspect accounts are reviewed by the development team, which then hands out warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans against identified players," reads a post on the Ubisoft Blog (thanks, Blue).

"These bans are applied on an account level, not at the hardware level. Fairness is hugely important to the game’s creators, so bans are being handed out to first-time offenders.

"Players who believe they’ve been erroneously penalized can also appeal their bans."

The anti-cheat system was having a few fits at launch on PC, so this week the studio released a hotfix, which incorporated changes to EasyAntiCheat error messaging notifications. It also fixed an issue where it was incorrectly blocking some players from entering the game.

If you need help playing For Honor so you won't feel the need to cheat (sorry, I had to),  our guide is here to help, regardless of your skill level. We update it almost daily.

For Honor was released on February 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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