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Fire Emblem If gets super easy 'Phoenix Mode' and scraps weapon usage limit

More details on Fire Emblem If have popped up that may rope in new players to the series by making the game less daunting.


Gematsu rounded up the info from Famitsu, and it seems that the new title will introduce 'Phoenix Mode', that will revive fallen units on the next turn. There is already a 'Casual Mode', that revives units after the battle has ended and it's worth bearing in mind that once you choose the mode and difficulty level at the start of the game, you won't be able to change it.

To further entice players with no previous experience, the limit on how many times you can use a weapon isn't a thing anymore, so you can go nuts.

We already know that there will be two versions of the game on release, and as before, you can customise your character's name, gender, appearance and voice.

There will be nine save files to kick off, but as the alternate game paths are released, that will get bumped up by three for each one.

An interesting feature that affects the map has also come to light, letting Royal Characters use their 'Dragon Pulse' ability to change aspects of the battlefield - like toppling mountains, creating earthquakes, or lowering and raising bridges.

Fire Emblem If will release for 3DS in Japan on June 26, with a 2016 release date for Europe and North America to be confirmed.

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