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Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings and what they do

Put a ring on it

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings are a lesser form of ring that offer some minor stat enhancements – and some unique, powerful skills.

Don’t expect to whip out fancy skills at the drop of a hat, though.

Getting Bond Rings with their ultimate skill takes time, luck, and more Bond Fragments than you should probably be spending.

There's an awful lot going on in Engage, but this video tries to boil it down some.

What are Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage?

Bond Rings are lesser types of Emblem Rings featuring spirits of Fire Emblem characters from ages past. Most of these don’t offer the equipping character special skills or attacks, but they do buff one or more stats depending on the ring’s rarity. Nino, one of Lyn’s Bond Rings, can boost speed, magic, and resistance with her A-rank ring, though the base C-rank ring only buffs speed.

Each Bond Ring has four levels of rarity, with C being the lowest and S the highest. Some S-rank rings come with special skills as well, including Caeda, Chrom, and Alm.

How to get Bond Rings in Fire Emble Engage

Unlike Emblem Rings, which you acquire at key moments in Engage’s story, Bond Rings are only obtainable through a random gacha system. In the Ring Chamber, you can spend 100 or 1,000 Bond Fragments to get one or 10 rings, picked at random from the pool of the Emblem hero you chose.

Each hero has 10 Bond Rings, but there’s no way to increase your chances of getting a certain ring or rarity.

How to get Bond Fragments in Fire Emblem Engage

You get Bond Fragments from completing challenges – check the achievement board in the Somniel’s cafe for specific challenges you haven’t completed yet – and from talking with allies after battles on the field and back in the Somniel. You typically get around 1,000 Fragments or so after every battle, plus several thousand more for completing challenges. There’s no shortage – but you won’t want to spend all your Fragments on Bond Rings.

Bond Rings are helpful, especially in the first half of the game where your access to Emblem Rings is limited. However, a better use of Bond Fragments is raising a unit’s bond level with a proper Emblem Ring, unlocking new skills and proficiencies and making it easier to change classes faster.

If you have your eye on lance, tome, and staff proficiency, you definitely want to spend your Bond Fragments on those relationships before chapter 10. You lose access to all your starting Emblem Rings, including Celica, Micaiah, and Sigurd, for several chapters after that point.

Melding Bond Rings

If you have two or more of the same Bond Ring at the same rarity level, you can spend Fragments to meld them into a ring of the next-highest rarity. It takes two C rings to get a B ring, three Bs for an A, and so on, which translates to a lot of Bond Fragments.

Best Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

If you do want to invest your Bond Fragments into Bond Rings, these are the ones we recommend.

Best Marth Bond Rings


Caeda’s S-rank ring provides a +2 speed boost and the Sympathetic skill, which reduces damage taken by 5 if a foe attacks when you have 50 percent HP or less. It’s an excellent choice for tankier units such as Great Knights and Generals who might get overwhelmed by enemy swarms.

Best Celica Bond Rings


Alm’s S-rank ring grants the Windsweep skill. If you attack with a sword, the enemy may not counterattack. This one triggers with high luck, so it’s good for Swordmasters and Wolf Knights.


Mae’s skill gives the user Great Thunder, which buffs all Thunder spell damage by 20 percent. Thunder spells have higher range than other magic and tend to only strike once unless your mage is very fast, so this is a handy skill for any team

Best Sigurd Bond Rings


Seliph’s S-rank ring comes with the Battlewise skill, which is like Lyn’s Speedtaker but for critical hit rate. Every foe defeated earns the user +1 critical hit, up to +10, and it lasts for the duration of the battle.

Best Leif Bond Rings


Miracle used to be a personal and a class skill, but now it’s confined to Finn’s S-rank ring. Miracle saves the user from a fatal blow and leaves them standing with 1 HP.

Best Roy Bond Rings


Raging Fire is Lilina’s special skill, and it rases all fire spell damage by 20 percent.

Best Lyn Bond Rings


Nino’s special skill is Giga Excalibur, which has the user deal 20 percent more damage when they use Excalibur. It’s a late-game spell, but highly useful once you do finally get it.

Best Eirka and Ephraim Bond Rings


Innes’ Sure Strike ensures all attacks hit, as long as you’re the one initiating combat, so it’s the perfect fit for heavier units with low dexterity, like Panette.

Best Ike Bond Rings

Ike’s rings are a bit mediocre. Soren’s Wind Adept skill gives the unit a chance – just a chance – of attacking twice when they use a wind spell, but it’s not really worth spending Fragments on.

Best Micaiah Bond Rings


Sothe’s Bane skill has a high chance of instantly reducing a foe’s HP to 1, though some foes – including bosses – are immune to the effect.

Best Lucina Bond Rings

Lucina’s rings are a bit bland as well. Rightful Ruler from Chrom slightly raises a skill’s activation rate, but only by 5 percent.

Best Corrin Bond Rings


Xander’s S-rank ring gives you the Chivalry skill. If you attack a foe who’s at full health, you deal more damage and take less damage, so stick this on your frontline soldiers.

Best Byleth Bond Rings


The Edelgard Bond Ring – not the same as the Emblem Ring you get in the DLC – has the Flickering Flower skill, which freezes foes when you deal high damage.


Claude’s Wind God skill gives bow units +1 attack range if their HP is full. Combine that with a Longbow, and you’ve got one deadly sniper.

If you're looking for more help with Fire Emblem Engage, check out our picks for the best class for each character and how romance works in the RPG.

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