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Fire Emblem Engage romance, supports, and best gifts for each character

You won't make many friends with manure

Fire Emblem Engage romance and support work in a manner similar to previous Fire Emblem games, with a few exceptions.

One is how to actually start support conversations, since they live in a rather obscure place. The other is the way romance works, since you won’t find easy access to S-rank supports like in Three Houses.

If you’re struggling to raise supports quickly, consider spending some money on gifts to hand out and make everyone a bit happier.

There's an awful lot going on in Engage, but this video tries to boil it down some.

Is there romance in Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage does have romance, but handles it differently than Three Houses. You’ll find no S-rank supports between Alear and any of their friends and followers. Instead, you get a Pact Ring near the end of the game, which you can give to anyone Alear has an A-rank support level with.

Giving the ring triggers a special conversation, but it’s not always romantic. Some of these final pact conversations just deepen their friendships, though others turn romantic. We recommend saving before initiating the conversation, so you can reload and try again if the outcome isn’t quite what you hoped for.

Engage also has the series’ traditional paired endings between characters with high support levels. These aren’t always romantic, though, and if you have a character with several A-rank supports, it’s not easy to plan who ends up with whom. If you have two characters you want to make sure get a paired ending, just try and keep them together as much as possible on each map.

How to get the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

You get the Pact Ring by completing the Connector paralogue. The Connector becomes available once you reach chapter 23, so you won’t be getting your hands on it anytime soon. Once you finish the paralogue, head to Alear’s room on the Somniel, and interact with the side table near their bed. The ring is inside.

Where are supports in Engage?

If you’re struggling to find where to actually start support conversations, there’s good reason. Engage hides them in the Reference menu and doesn’t feel the need to tell you this.

How to raise support levels in Fire Emblem Engage

The easiest way to raise support levels is having two units fight alongside each other in combat. You’ll see a little heart appear above their heads and hear a sound effect after each unit takes an action that indicates their support levels increased.

If you aren’t raising support ranks quickly in the main story, set aside some time to fight skirmish battles on the world map. Just bear in mind that these scale with the story, so your lower-leveled characters might be outclassed or need some extra shepherding to stay safe.

Chain guards also raise support levels, and you bump them up if you use a staff on someone as well. Arena fights on the Somniel will also raise support points between compatible characters, but since you can’t choose who takes part in the fight, it’s not the most efficient method.

After any battle, you can also visit the cafe on the Somniel and eat with two other characters. This boosts their relationship with Alear and also with each other, so try to make sure the pairings are compatible with each other when selecting your dining partners.

Fire Emblem Engage gifts for each character

Once Timerra joins the party, she opens a shop stall on the Somniel that sells gift items. Alear can give these to the right people and raise their support, which is handy if you don’t want to use that character in battle.

Other gift items include pebbles and spirit stones. Everyone loves those, so there’s no harm in giving them out to whoever you need a gift for. You can also acquire manure from the stables, but no one – not even Amber – likes it. They do have some interesting reactions to receiving manure, though, so if you want a chuckle, consider spreading it around anyway. Just make sure to save first and re-load so you don’t harm your relationships.

If you're struggling to figure out the right gift for the right person, here's a helping hand.

Character Favorite Gifts
Vander Dragon Scripture
Clanne Dragon Scripture, Quality Kerchief, Poetry Book
Framme Training Weights, Dragon Scripture
Alfred Training Weights, Sun Visor
Etie Training Weights
Boucheron Sun Visor, Dragon Scripture, History of Elyos, Poetry Book
Celine Dragon Scripture, Poetry Book, Lovely Candle
Chloe Animal Treats, Dragon Scripture, Butterfly Net, Fairy-Tale Book
Louis White Clover, Dragon Scripture
Jean Bear Carving, Poetry Book, History of Elyos, Dragon Scripture
Anna Yogurt, Cute Apron, Utility Knife
Alcryst Poetry Book, History of Elyos
Citrinne Philosophy Book, Fairy-Tale Book, History of Elyos
Lapis Roasted Yam, Training Weights
Diamant Fancy Dagger, Training Weights, History of Elyos
Jade Poetry Book, Bear Carving, History of Elyos, Butterfly Net
Amber Yogurt, Animal Treats, Bear Carving, Utility Knife
Yunaka Fancy Dagger, Training Weights, Poetry Book
Ivy Poetry Book, Dragon Scripture, History of Elyos
Zelkov Utility Knife, Landscape Art, Poetry Book
Kagetsu Fancy Dagger, Training Weight, Lovely Candle
Fogado Landscape Art, Playing Card, Desert Marigold
Bunet Yogurt, Roasted Yam, Desert Marigold
Pandreo Dragon Scripture, Lovely Candle, Playing Cards
Timerra Animal Treats, Bear Carving, Lovely Candle, Butterfly Net
Panette Spooky Scroll, Utility Knife, Fancy Dagger
Merrin Animal Treats, Bear Carving, Utility Knife
Hortensia Cute Apron, Bear Carving, Lovely Candle, Landscape Art
Seadall Poetry Book, History of Elyos, Lovely Candle
Goldmary White Clover, Cute Apron, Landscape Art, Bear Carving
Rosado Cute Apron, Landscape Art, Bear Carving, Sun Visor
Lindon Poetry Book, Philosophy Book, History of Elyos
Saphir Training Weights, Utility Knife, Fancy Dagger, Playing Cards

If you're after more help with Fire Emblem Engage, check out our guides for what each stat means and which class is best for every character in your party.

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