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New Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer coming this week at TGS

As many fans hoped, we are indeed getting a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer at TGS.

Square Enix has confirmed that it'll be releasing a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer in time for TGS this week. Though an exact date wasn't provided, the official tweet announcing the news suggested it would give us a new look at the game.

"We haven't revealed anything about [Final Fantasy 7 Remake] for a while, but will soon be unveiling a new trailer to go with TGS 2019," director Tetsuya Nomura is quoted as saying.

Square Enix showed off a significant chunk of Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay at E3 in June, giving fans a good look at the Midgar location, the new character designs, and more importantly the game's combat.

Still, it's been nearly three months since we got a look at the game, and Japanese publishers typically like to save some new reveals for TGS. This year's show takes place September 12-15.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out March on PS4.

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