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Far Cry 3 gets day one patch, launch trailer released

The release of Far Cry 3 is looming and in continuous support of the title, which has received its fair share of good reviews, Ubisoft has released a launch trailer for the open-world actioner along with news the game will require a critical, day one patch.

The patch, according to Gamers Hell, will contain single-player fixes as well as "overall multiplayer and single-player stability and performance; health regeneration option no longer has inverted functionality; and fixes the "Weapon Cache" missions: Mission Zone and Mission Marker no longer stays on mini-map and on screen after mission completion."

The link even has a download mirror for the patch for PC users, and the full patch notes can be found on the game's official website.

Meanwhile, as far as the trailer is concerned, Ubisoft has provided a table of contents, so to speak, for better viewer indexing:

  1. Vacation In Paradise - 0:07
  2. The North Island Factions - 0:49
  3. The South Island Mercenaries - 1:34
  4. Vast Island Playground - 2:27
  5. Guns & Weapons - 3:08
  6. Outposts & Towers - 4:19
  7. Animals & Hunting - 5:00
  8. Crafting & Skills - 5:25
  9. Extreme Travel - 6:43
  10. Mini-Games - 7:13
  11. Competitive Multiplayer - 7:38
  12. Co-Op Campaign - 8:32
  13. Welcome to the Rook Islands - 9:21

Far Cry 3 is out November 29 in Europe, November 30 in the UK and December 4 in the US for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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