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Far Cry 3 full of crazies, has linear missions, open-world

Far Cry 3 details from the latest edition of Edge Magazine have been posted online, and the information gleaned touched upon the game's protagonist, the gameplay mechanics, and the game's "open-ended mission" structure.

There's also quite a bit of information pertaining to the menu system, how the freedom element from previous entries in the series hasn't been neglected, and how you will apparently also be able to throw a knife into a guard's skull.

The protagonist in the game, James Brody, has been on the island for years trying to find his kidnapped girlfriend. During his stay, he starts having a mental breakdown, and his actions are accompanied by hallucinations based on an “unreliable perspective.” No word if this is caused by post tramtic stress disorder or not due to his stay on this mad isaland, but surely there is a reason for this strange, mental behavior in the game someplace.

Antagonists on the island are apparently a bit insane as well, as are the allies. Lots of "crazy" permeating the place, then.

Edge was shown two different mission demos, one of which showed a stealth assault and another, described by the magazine as scripted, showed the character escaping from a sinking ship and its volatile enemies.

Players will be able to either kill enemies from afar using a sniper rifle, or run in like Rambo without a jockstrap guns-a-blazing. You can apparently get a bit MacGyver-like with more makeshift techniques such as strapping C4 onto a Jeep and pushing it down a hill into an enemy base. Unlike MacGyver though, you will be killing people.

According to the Edge piece, put in bulletform by GamingEverything, the demos showed quite a bit of both scripted and linear moments, and Edge noted some platforming and exploration.

Far Cry 3 is slated for release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime this year with some pegging it for late March.

Thanks, PikiGeek.

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