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Far Cry 3 development started right after Far Cry 2 shipped in 2008

Far Cry 3's lead narrative designer Jason Vandernberghe has said development on the game started immediately after Far Cry 2 was released in 2008, and that the game world itself has been in the works for the last four to five years.

According to Vandernberghe, speaking with ThatVideogameBlog, the team is trying to achieve the tone Crytek created with the first game in the series, while still keeping elements from the second game such as players being able to dig bullets out of their own bodies.

The designer wouldn't talk about hang gliders but did state that it was a "marquee feature," and the firm is looking for way to fix the issue of getting around in the game.

In other Far Cry 3 news, there a video interview posted below with the game's producer, Dan Hay, speaking with VG247 contributor Jessica Citizen of Gamepron.

Far Cry 3 launches in 2012 for PS3, 360 and PC from Ubisoft Montreal.

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