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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC guide: side quests, weapons, enemies and more

Don't miss a Lovecraftian moment of Fallout 4's first big story expansion DLC, Far Harbor.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC guide

The first major Fallout 4 DLC is here. Bigger and better than Automatron, narrative-driven, flavoured with Cthulhu and raddled with the Children of Atom.

The new landmass, The Island, is not for the faint-hearted. You'll want a nice, high level character and some good gear before you tackle it - but the rewards are worth the effort, with new goodies dropping like candy as you wade through the legions of baddies waiting in the fog. There's plenty of XP in it for you, too.

Get started with out guide on how to download and access the Far Harbor DLC pack. What it says on the tin, innit: just buying the Season Pass won't put the content in your greedy little paws.

When you're good to go, here's the skinny. In this guide we'll be listing the main story quests, side quests and exciting new surprises we encounter on our travels. We'll be updating regularly, so stay tuned.

Far Harbor main quests

Far Harbor side quests

Below is a quick and dirty checklist of side quests we've found so far, but we also have a detailed guide on how to find and complete Far Harbor side quests.

  • Living on the Edge
    • Hull Breach
    • Safe Passage
    • Blood Tide
  • Brain Dead
  • Brain Dead Part 2
  • Rite of Passage
  • The Changing Tide
    • Turn Back the Fog
    • The Hold Out
    • Hull Breach 2
    • Hull Breach 3
  • The Great Hunt
  • Acadian Ideals
    • The Arrival
    • Data Retrieval
  • The Price of Memory
  • Visions in the Fog
  • What Atom Requires
    • Ablutions
    • The Trial of Brother Devin
    • The Heretic
    • Witch Hunt

Weapons, armor, items

What's in it for you? So much, my friends. Here are the treasures we've unlocked - so far.

    Equipment and items
  • Lobster Trap Helmet
    Worn by stylish trappers.
  • Coast Armor
    A new one-piece armor set with a nice maritime theme.
  • Trapper armor
    This set is made of metal, but looks like crab shell! Rad.
  • Trapper Leathers
    Go all-out on island fashion with this new outfit.
  • Radium weapons
    The Children of Atom have a new kind of toy.
  • Harpoon Gun
    In a word: yes.
  • Meat, Fish and Pole Hook
    For melee fans. Vicious.
  • Blight
    A yellow and orange shelf fungus found on trees. Used in crafting.
  • Aster
    A common, thistle-like flower. used in crafting.
  • Lure Weed
    Found in water, looks a bit like a lily and a lot more like an Angler head. Be cautious.


  • Gulpers
    Amphibious quadrapeds found near fresh water. Can be difficult to target via VATS due to their rapid movements. Deadly in packs, and they're always in packs.
  • Anglers
    They keep their distance and spit poison at you. Bring something with good range or get up in their fishy faces. They're weak in the back legs.
  • Ghouls
    Several new varieties of tougher, meaner ghouls populate The Island. Some of them won't fall over even when you shoot their legs for days. Unforgivable.
  • Bloodrage Mirelurk
    Imagine if a Mirelurk got really, really angry and took a lot more damage to kill! Imagine.
  • Vicious Wolves
    Tougher dog enemies than those found on the mainland. Also come in Feral and even Glowing varieties.
  • Creepers
    It's out there in the fog. NFI, to be honest. Holy hell in a hand basket it's some sort of insecty horror. Try shooting it in the legs and running away, or just plain running away. Magnificent.
  • Trappers
    A new variety of bandit or raider. You won't have any problems after you stop laughing at their outfits, but everything is level 4 zillion around here, so be careful.
  • Hermit Crabs
    Listen, sometimes when you see a van or mini-bus just sitting around randomly on its own it's not just a vehicle.


The expansion adds a new chain of settlements. We'll list them as we find them, as well as how to unlock them. You cab connect them to your mainland empire with supply lines, by the way.

  • Longfellow's Cabin
    Obtained automatically after completing Walk in the Park, as long as you travel with and befriend Old Longfellow.
  • National Park Visitor's Center
    Obtained during The Hold Out, a child quest of The Changing Tide.
  • Dalton Farm
    Obtained during the second step of Blood Tide.
  • Echo Lake Lumber
    Obtained during Turn Back the Fog, a child quest of The Changing Tide.
  • Companion: Old Longfellow

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