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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Far From Home

Far Harbor kicks off on the mainland, but you won't be there for long.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Far From Home

As long as you have a Fallout 4 save with a character who has met and worked with Nick Valentine, you can start the adventure as soon as you've downloaded and installed the Far Harbor DLC.

You will want to be reasonably high level (30+) to face the challenges ahead; end game characters are recommended. For extra appropriateness during the beginning of the Far Harbor sequence, keep Nick Valentine with you as your constant companion.

Tune your Pip-Boy to Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio to kick off Far Harbor. You’ll receive a message from Ellie asking you to stop by the office in Diamond City. Set this as your active quest for a marker if you’ve forgotten where Nick and Ellie live.

Chat with Ellie and optionally use persuade to get a little extra info from her, then travel to the new map marker for the Nakano Residence; it's a short trek from Coastal Cottage in the far north east of the Commonwealth.

Inside, you can use persuade to get a little of Kenji’s backstory at the first conversational prompt. You can also ask whether Kenji has any leads (no) and use persuade to ask for caps – but remember not every companion will like that.

Although it’s not pertinent to moving the quest forward, you can find a few of Kasumi’s holotapes in the house. There’s one near the stove in the kitchen, and one by the TV near the front door. Upstairs you’ll find one on a side table near a lamp, and another two in Kasumi’s room – one on the work table and another under the bed.

To move on, speak to Kenji or Rei and ask for more details about Kasumi. There’s a tough persuade option available after you ask about Kasumi which will lead you to her grandfather’s boathouse.

In the boathouse you’ll find a safe with a note on it. Read the note, then check the picture standing on a nearby desk to find the key. Inside the safe is a holotape which explains where and why Kasumi has gone missing. Return to the house and speak to Kenji. You can earn some companion reputation here with thoughtful answers.

  • Important: Depending on where you are as regards possible endings to the main quest, when this conversation ends, you’ll have the option to inform one or more of the factions about the synth refuge. This doesn’t have any immediate consequences, but think well before you spill the beans: it will shape events at the end of the DLC. We suggest completing the DLC in isolation from factional politics, but if you are staunch believers in the Institute or the Brotherhood of Steel's missions, go right on ahead.

As in the far south west near the crater, roaming Far Harbor exposes you to high radiation. Before you set off, visit your main base and collect any anti-radiation gear you have. Power Armor is the obvious choice.

To travel to Far Harbor, enter the boat outside the Nakano Residence and interact with the control panel. Arriving on the island ends this quest and begins A Walk in the Park. After using the boat once, you travel to Far Harbor via an icon on the map.

Arriving on The Island ends Far From Home and begins Walk in the Park.

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