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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC side quests

How to find and complete side quests encountered on The Island. Spoilers, obviously.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC side quests

A list of all side quests in Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC, with details on how to complete them. This guide is a work in progress which will be updated regularly. Be wary of spoilers.

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge is obtained when you enter the town of Far Harbor during main quest Walk in the Park.

To complete the quest you'll need to help multiple citizens. Speak to Cassie Dalton, The Mariner and Mayor Avery to collect three child side-quests:

  • Safe Passage (Avery)
    Find a body just outside of town guarded by Mirelurks. Loot it for repair components, then interact with the three fog condensers along a road leading out of town. You'll be ambushed by Mirelurks at the end of the trail, including a possible Legendary. Return to Avery for a reward.
  • Hull Breach (The Mariner)
    Travel to the Tannery on the far side of The Island. The area is crawling with ghouls and a few trappers you can usually avoid and ignore. The Power Tools are in a duffle bag in the basement of the main building. You may encounter a Putrid Glowing One and multiple Legendaries inside. Return to The Mariner for a reward.
  • Blood Tide (Cassie Dalton)
    Agree to take revenge for Cassie, then travel to the marked camping ground and kill all the ghouls. Return to Cassie for a reward and to unlock another objective in this quest. You only need one for the Living on the Edge chain, and don't need to do it at all if you've completed the above two child quests.

When these tasks are complete you can speak to Teddy Wright, the town's doctor, about how to fit in among the islanders. Exhausting this dialogue ends the quest and begins Rite of Passage.

Blood Tide

Blood Tide contains multiple steps. You can choose to complete the first one as part of Living on the Edge.

  • Agree to take revenge for Cassie, then travel to the marked camping ground and kill all the ghouls. Return to Cassie.
  • Agree to help again, then travel to the marked farm and kill the Fog Crawler. Return to Cassie and you will unlock the farm as a settlement.
  • Agree to help Cassie, then travel to the marked lighthouse. There's a very good chance one of the Trappers here will carry a Harpoon Gun. Take out Douglas at the top of the lighthouse, and play the Mysterious Holotape he carries. (There's also an Almanac to collect and Douglas's Note, which will point you at some treasure.) return to Cassie to complete the quest and earn a reward.

Rite of Passage

Travel to the waypoint, stand right on top of it, open your inventory and drop a single piece of any meat. You'll be attacked by Mirelurks. Drop another piece of meat and you'll be attacked by a Mirelurk King, a Mirelurk Hunter and another Mirelurk. Shortly after they go down, a Mirelurk Queen attacks along with another Mirelurk Hunter. Theres a chance the queen may be a Legendary. Survive, triumph, and return to Teddy Wright for a reward.

The Changing Tide

Unlocks after completing Rite of Passage, and is composed of multiple child quests. The "help the Mariner" objectives are optional, but if you complete both her quests before ending The Changing Tide you unlock The Great Hunt. Fast travel away from Far Harbor and return, or turn in another quest, to prompt her to cough up new quests. Turn the finished quest in to Avery.

  • Turn Back the Fog
    Speak to the remarkable Bertha to unlock this one. Travel to the marked logging camp. You need to clear the ghouls from within the building, including a Glowing One on the top floor; you'll need to pick a lock to get up there. Return to Bertha and follow her to speak to Avery and Teddy. This unlocks a settlement.
  • The Hold Out
    Mitch gives you this quest. Travel to the marked settlement, being wary of traps as you approach the gates. Speak to Ken and the workshop opens. Place a few turrets at the gates on either side if you like, then defeat the Trappers. Speak to Ken afterwards; a medium persuasion check will convince him to return to Far Harbor.
  • Hull Breach 2 (optional)
    Speak to The Mariner for this one. It's a busy crawl over a wrecked ship; be wary of the Power Armor area boss. Return to The Mariner for your reward.
  • Hull Breach 3 (optional)
    Unlocks if you complete Hull Breach 2 and The Mariner does not leave, after some time passes without completing The Changing Tide. Head to the marked location for rapid collection of three carapaces.

The Great Hunt

Complete both The Mariner's optional objectives during The Changing Tide and remain on her good side to unlock this terrific side quest. After agreeing to the hunt, head down to your boat and interact with the controls for the option to travel to the battle location. Speak with the Mariner, vanquish the Red Death, and return to Far Harbor.

Brain Dead

This quest is a little tricky to obtain. You'll need to return to Far Harbor after reaching Acadia and look for a robot named Pearl, and agree to be hired as a detective on a murder case. You can optionally persuade her three times for XP; the last persuade prompt is very difficult. Follow Pearl to the Cliff's Edge Hotel north of Far Harbor or agree to meet her there. Either kicks off a miscellaneous quest.

At the hotel, follow Pearl through the ruins of the hotel, battling numerous ghouls including Glowing Ones and Legendaries. Eventually she'll lead you to a functional elevator. At the bottom of the elevator, go through the red doors at the end of the corridor and then open the door to enter Vault 118. Speak with Maxwell to acquire Brain dead. To correctly solve the murder mystery within, follow Maxwell to the main hall and complete the following quests without ever accusing anybody of the deed.

  • Examine the blood stain.
  • Examine the brain enclosure.
  • Follow the blood to a corner to examine a paint can.
  • Collect the bat near the paint can.
  • Examine the blood stain again.
  • Speak to Maxwell and exhaust his dialogue.
  • Enter Keith and Gilda's room and observe their rehearsal.
  • Speak to Keith and exhaust his dialogue.
  • Collect the Vault 118 Overseer's key from a room on the same corridor as Keith's room.
  • Visit the Overseers office on the top floor and use the terminal to read the logs and listen to the holotape.
  • Visit Santiago and optionally persuade him for an art tour with multiple persuade opportunities. Exhaust Santiago's dialogue.
  • Visit Gilda at the beach down the corridor from Santiago's room. Optionally persuade her multiple times to go on a date. Afterwards exhaust her dialogue.
  • Visit Bert and Julianna in a furniture-filled room opposite Santiago’s. Exhaust Bert's dialogue.
  • Exhaust Julianna's dialogue.
  • Optionally run around to discuss all this gossip with everyone, or simply confront and accuse Julianna to end the quest and kick off Brain Dead Part 2.

Brain Dead Part 2

Once you've identified the killer in Vault 118, you'll need to decide what to do about it. You can use persuade to take a cut of the profits and agree to hush up the crime, or denounce the murderer to battle them. The vault's security forces will assist you if you choose to fight.

Speak to Maxwell about the case to receive your reward and end the quest.

Acadian Ideals

Acquired automatically during main quest Where You Belong. Contains two child quests acquired by speaking with Faraday and Chase.

  • The Arrival (Chase)
    Speak to Brooks in Far Harbor and give the designation. Follow your marker to a blood stain, then follow the blood trail to a hut. You can fight the Trappers or pass a medium persuasion check to retrieve the missing synth's head. Return this to Chase for a reward.
  • Data Recovery (Faraday)
    All you need to do is survive the journey to Southwest Harbor and collect the two drives form the deck of a ship. There's a nasty nest of Trappers nearby. Return to Faraday to complete the quest.

The Price of Memory

Sometime after completing Data Recovery you'll be approached by Cog, the trader in Acacia. He'll take you to se Jule, who'll give you Victoria's Key, which will open the locked chest on the boat you visited during Data Recovery. Raid it and read Victoria's Note. Return to Acadia and check the terminal in the lab. Choose whether to speak to Cog or Jule about what you learn in the Past Projects section.

Visions in the Fog

Acquired if you present yourself as an initiate at Nucleus, usually during main quest Best Left Forgotten. See the Best Left Forgotten guide for details.

What Atom Requires

Awarded upon completion of Visions in the Fog. One step involves showing the icon you received in Visions of the Fog to the High Confessor otherwise, it's composed of several child quests collected inside Nucleus, many with excellent rewards:

  • Ablutions
    Speak to Mai, the shopkeeper, for this one. She'll send you to the Vim! Pop Factory, right by Southwest Harbor (handy for Data Retrieval). This dungeon is home to high-level super mutants, but if you take the entrance indicated by the marker, you can grab the Pump regulator by sneaking over to it from the doorway and away on your toesies. Upon return to Nucleus you'll need to install the regulator after speaking to Mai; if your Intelligence is high enough, you can opt to restore the decontamination arches secretly.
  • The Heretic
    Acquired from Richter once inside the Nucleus. Speak to Theil, then head outside to the two holy sites. Collect a piece of sign at each, then head to the campground. Play a holo tape found on the floor to the left of the door of the lit cabin, being wary of a pack of wolves. This marks a church about 100m away; inside you can murder Gwyneth or talk to her. You can choose to warn her, or even persuade her to return to the Nucleus in good faith.
  • Trial of Brother Devin
    Speak to Ware to acquire this. Most easily completed with a high difficulty persuasion check; ask questions of Devin and then present yourself as a messenger of Atom. Return to Ware for a reward.
  • Witch Hunt
    Speak to the High Confessor and ask about extra work. Read the note he hands you. Load up on anti-rad gear or meds and take the door behind his throne, then the narrow stairs on the far side of the catwalk, to speak to Aubert; use persuasion to discover her feelings. Use the door on the same level to access another catwalk and look for a note tucked behind a mattress to the right of the door as you enter. Exit the Vessel and take the key from near the Nucleus entrance. Return to the Vessel and open the footlocker to take the note. Read the note. You can then return the note to Aubert or to the High Confessor. You'll need to pass a medium persuasion check to convince the High Confessor everything is fine.


As you wander The Island you may pick up a strange radio signal called Shipbreaker's. If you follow it along you'll reach some empty ground near a ruin, and confront a unique crawler called Shipbreaker. After the tough battle, speak to Old Longfellow in return for a unique harpoon gun.

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