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Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Walk in the Park

Take a pleasant little jaunt through the fog with a new pal.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Walk in the Park

When you arrive on The Island, speak with Captain Avery on the docks to your right. Part way through the conversation, as soon as you learn something useful, a bell will ring, interrupting your chat. Follow the path up and around and take up a position where you can look down the street to the right, as you face over the barricades.

A group of Gulpers approach. These creatures aren’t hugely tough but they’re hard to hit in VATS because of the way they twist and turn and your position above them. Try head and body shots, and tails if you have a rapid-fire weapon and a good opportunity. You may face a Legendary. The battle isn’t tough for you on the safety of the Hull, but the AI may throw molotovs at you if Gulpers get too close to the gate, so keep an eye on your health.

When the Gulpers are all down you’ll be assaulted by a wave of Anglers and a few more Gulpers. The Anglers spit poison or something at you from a distance, so you’ll need a weapon with decent range and accuracy to take them out.

When the battle is over, head down to the town. (Entering Far Harbor triggers the Living On the Edge side quest.) Speak to Avery to get some more information on the island, the radioactive fog, and a tip to ask Old Longfellow for a guide to Acadia, where Kasumi may be.

If you want to do side quests on The Island, you can collect a couple before you enter The Long Plank by speaking to The Mariner for Hull Breach and Cassie Dalton for Blood Tide.

Inside The Long Plank, wait for Mitch to finish his speech and approach for a free beer. Use persuade to score something better. He has some interesting dialogue about the fog, too.

On the table by Old Longfellow, collect an issue of Islander’s Almanac to unlock some map markers. Old Longfellow will give you some info on Acadia and fog condensers. You can try and bribe him, but there are also two persuade options available if you explain you’re looking for Kasumi. If you're successful, he'll eventually agree to take you to Acadia.

Before saying “Let’s go” to Old Longfellow, you probably want to double check you have anti-radiation gear – Rad-X and Rad-Away as a minimum, Power Armor for preference. Don’t worry, stealth fans! You can always leave it at the door of dungeons.

Old Longfellow leads you out the main gate. He sometimes sprints ahead, but just switch off your other quests and you’ll find him fairly easily. As you follow him you’ll likely encounter some trappers, including a Legendary on the roof of a building (lure him down to get his stuff). Kill them for a chance to collect this season’s much sought-after fashion, the Lobster Trap Helmet and Coastal Armor. After this fight Old Longfellow sometimes gets a bit confused and will lead you back towards town a little and stop in place; just talk to him and he should take off again, this time chatting about the fog and the trappers.

As you proceed, look for new plants to collect, such as the orange Blight fungus and thistle-like Aster. You’ll encounter a pack of vicious wolves on the trail, including a possible Legendary. Further along you’ll be ambushed by Gulpers and Mirelurks. Beyond that you’ll find a few feral ghouls.

Your next encounter is with a Child of Atom. If you’re very polite to her, you can ask to sign up, and get a map marker for the Nucleus. There are no consequences to this at this time.

Shortly after this you arrive at Acadia. It’s safe to exit your radiation gear inside the town boundaries, thanks to the fog condensers.

Longfellow offers his services as a companion here, and his cabin becomes a settlement. This completes Walk in the Park and begins Where You Belong. If you head back to Far Harbor at this stage, you can chat with Pearl to kick off a miscellaneous quest (well worth the effort; leads to Brain Dead and an important location), and get the Safe Passage quest from mayor Avery to continue Living on the Edge.

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