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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Where You Belong


Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Where You Belong

Bring Nick Valentine with you on this quest. Seriously.

Enter the door on the building right by the entrance to Acadia and speak with DiMA. Be polite and respectful and you can learn a great deal from this interesting fellow. You can also optionally talk about factions you belong to.

At the end of the conversation you’ll kick off the side quest Acadian Ideals. Talk to Faraday to initiate Data Recovery, and to Chase for The Arrival. You’ll also unlock another opportunity to share information with your favourite faction. Depending on who you ally with and your personal beliefs, this will have consequences.

When you’re ready, head down to the bottom floor to speak to Kasumi. This gives you more questions than answers, unfortunately, but there are three ways to proceed. Pick the path most suited to your skills:

  • Hack into the terminal
  • Obtain the Storage Room key from Cog by peaceful or violent means - or just pick the lock
  • Speak to DiMA and pass a persuasion check to get the info

Once you know the truth, speak to Kasumi again to end the quest and kick off Best Left Forgotten.

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