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Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Cleansing the Land and The Way Life Should Be

Get a bunch of chores done as we make a push to end this madness.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC - Cleansing the Land and The Way Life Should Be

Assuming you’ve grabbed the Wind Farm Kill Code as part of Best Left Forgotten, we now want to Uncover the Location of the Nuclear Launch Key. Head on over to Harbor Grand Hotel. It’s a Super Mutant hideout and there are multiple units patrolling the roof, so be cautious in your approach.

Entering the hotel completes the Best Left Forgotten objective, so switch your journal over to Cleansing the Land to help you find the code. From the marked entrance, head up the stairs and turn left. Take the door on the right at the dead end, and an immediate left through the store room. This passage brings you out in the corridor on the other side of the blockage, and you can cross over to enter the room on the other side to interact with a keypad hidden in a corner. The room that opens up behind a cabinet contains plenty of goodies, but more importantly a terminal with a holo tape. Play the tape for the location of the code.

Our next stop is Fringe Cove Docks. The nuclear code is in a safe in the cabin of a small boat under the water. There are multiple anglers here, so be sure to clear the area before you go diving.

Before we continue, let's close off Best Left Forgotten. Head to the Vim! Pop Factory and use the roof entrance; it’s marked as part of Ablutions, if you’ve got that side quest. I got there by swimming over from Southwest Harbor, climbing onto the docks on the northwest side, and taking three flights of stairs up. The area is full of super mutants, so be mindful. This door drops you right at the end of the dungeon crawl, so there’s a steamer trunk and a boss waiting, but you save a lot of time.

Entering the factory will finish Best Left Forgotten and begin The Way Life Should Be, which we’ll want to complete before we make any decisions with all this stuff we’ve dug up. Once inside, be sure to grab the Pump Regulator if you have the Ablutions quest.

From this top room it’s pretty easy to clear out the many super mutants in this area sniping from the hole in the wall, and then head down to the bottom floor where the quest marker is. Unlock the terminal (Nick can do it easily) and pass through the security gate to take the elevator. Dig up the unmarked grave in the next room and play the holo tape by the skeleton. Collect the skull and locket.

If you have Nick with you, you should explore this area a little further to chat with Kye 1.1 at the intercom terminal with a lamp. There’s another steamer trunk you can raid as a result.

At this stage, you should have two open main quests – Cleansing the Land and The Way Life Should Be – and multiple possible actions. It’s time to decide how you want the story to end. Let's do it.

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