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This total revamp of Fallout 4's best Enclave-themed quest mod offers an all-new ending to the base game

Don your X-01 power armour, salute a portrait of President Richardson, and fire up the vertibird!

An Enclave soldier in Fallout 4's Diamond City.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/herr_derpstein

One of Fallout 4’s most popular quest mods, which gives you the chance to side with The Enclave during the events of the game’s main story, has just received a massive 2023 remaster.

If you’re not a newcomer to the world of Fallout 4 mods, odds are modder Otellino’s ‘America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave’ has probably graced up in your load order at some point. Released back in 2017, the mod brought one of Fallout’s most interesting factions - the descendants of America’s pre-war leadership known as The Enclave - to The Commonwealth via a series of new quests and locations.

Well, now Otellino has given their project a fresh coat of paint, releasing ‘America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave’, which serves as a remake of the original mod complete with a bunch of new features and improvements that set it apart from its predecessor. Much like the original, the pitch for America Rising 2 centres around the idea that Fallout 4’s protagonist - having lived in the pre-war world - might be interested in helping out a group with the stated goal of restoring the US to the glory it enjoyed prior to The Great War.

This time around, a 24 quest long main storyline awaits any Sole Survivor who pines for the America of old, with these missions being “seamlessly integrated” into the base game’s battle for Commonwealth supremacy. As you work through America Rising’s quests - which are fully voice-acted by a 25 person cast portraying each of the mod’s unique characters and boast plenty of player choice - you’ll face the decision as to whether you want to help build the Enclave up or destroy them.

If you choose the former, you’ll be able to achieve a new ending to Fallout 4’s main quest based around an Enclave victory. On the way, you’ll be able to watch the faction’s base be dynamically restored as you forge them into a resurgent force capable of taking on the likes of the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as get your hands on a bunch of snazzy Enclave gear.

There’s also a few new follower for you to team up with, one of which serves as the mod’s main companion, and an Enclave radio station for you to tune into while you walk the wastes on the way to one of the numerous fresh locations and random encounters America Rising 2 adds to the game.

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