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Every Doom Glory Kill in one video

There are a lot of Glory Kills in Doom, let's take a look at all of them.


Every Doom Glory Kill in one video

If you haven't been following, the new Doom features a unique way of killing the demons of hill called Glory Kills.

You can only perform these once an enemy is staggered, and they give out bonus health when done. Glory Kills constantly swing from satisfying animations to tactical necessities, for when you're down on health.

Even better, the animations that play depend on a number of variables, including angle of attack and the type of enemies they're performed on.

In the video below, YouTube user TheKingofPikmin captured all Glory Kills in a single video, over nine minutes-long.

Take a look, but be warned, some of these show mid and late-game enemies and locations, and could be considered spoilers.

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