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Elden Ring will be at the Taipei Game Show in February

Will we see something new from Elden Ring next month? Let's hope so.

Elden Ring, FromSoftware's mysterious current project, has been out of the limelight for quite some time since it was first announced at E3 last year.

This is out of character for the Japanese developer, who's typically happy to show up at big events with something new all the way leading up to the game's release. With no major events from now until E3, fans are losing faith that we're going to get another glimpse at Elden Ring before June.

Help may come from an unlikely place, however. The Taipei Game Show, which takes place February 6 to 9, is hosting a PlayStation exhibition. As per usual, Sony brought a number of third-party titles to complement its first-party offering.

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Elden Ring is one of those games, as revealed by the official site. Although the game is going to be at the show, it won't be playable.

This may indicate that FromSoftware is getting ready to drop a new trailer, but it's also possible the audience will be treated to a localised version of the E3 2019 trailer. We do hope there's going to be something new for us to see, though.

Speaking of new things, the video above has a shorter cut of that same trailer (and a new logo). It was posted this week by CGI house Digic Pictures.

Thanks, Daniel Ahmad.

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