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Elden Ring Road's End Catacombs Guide: How to Beat the Spiritcaller Snail

Time to tackle the cute but deadly Spiritcaller Snail.

In Elden Ring, you'll regularly find that Spirit Ashes can be the key component to tackling a tricky fight. Therefore, trying to find the best summons and getting them all upgraded is pretty important from the moment you arrive at The Lands Between.

Fortunately, all the catacombs across The Lands Between typically possess Spirit Ashes and plenty of Grave and Ghost Glovewort for upgrading them. Road's End Catacombs in particular is great for this, as you can leave with two new Spirit Ashes and plenty of upgrade materials.

The downfall of these catacombs is arguably all of the Fanged Imps hiding inside. Yet, the dungeon boss - a Spiritcaller Snail - is no trouble at all to tackle (it's their summons you need to worry about). Without further ado, here's how to make your way through Road's End Catacombs so you can collect every item, and how to fell the Spiritcaller Snail awaiting you at the end.

Road's End Catacombs Items

  • Root Resin
  • Grave Violet
  • Grave Glovewort
  • Ghost Glovewort
  • Rune Arc
  • Watchdog's Staff
  • Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes
  • Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes

How to go through Road's End Catacombs

Road's End Catacombs can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes. From the Revenger's Shack Site of Grace, travel southwest beyond the Minor Erdtree to reach the catacombs entrance, which is on the cliffside.

The entrance to Road's End Catacombs is certainly out of sight in Elden Ring.

Grab the Grace and descend down into the catacombs. As you make your way around the dungeon, be wary that there are Fanged Imps everywhere. More often than not, these imps will lurk around corners and along walls, waiting to pounce at you whenever they're alerted.

Fanged Imps are fast and agile, and if you don't clear them out immediately, they can absolutely wreck you using bleed and you'll be back at the Grace before you know it. So, take caution and be prepared to teach them who's boss.

At the end of the first set of stairs there is some Grave Violet, and obviously, a Fanged Imp just around the corner.

Once dealt with, continue along the passage. In the next room, do not pull the lever to the left just yet and then go down the next set of stairs. Loot the room of all the Grave Glovewort (there's a lot), and descend down the next staircase.

Kill the Fanged Imp here, and instead of advancing into the room ahead, turn around to face the stairs. The wall to the right the staircase is in fact fake. Attack it once, and you can go into a small room containing a Fanged Imp, Grave Glovewort, and the Watchdog's Staff will be on the nearby corpse.

This wall in Road's End Catacombs conceals one of Elden Ring's many hidden rooms.

Leave the small room and advance ahead, but take caution of the trap here that'll fire magic arrows at you. The trap can be avoided if you do not stand on the platform that triggers it (shown below).

Avoid standing on this platform in Road's End Catacombs.

To the left of the platform is a small alcove with more Grave Glovewort, but a Fanged Imp will jump down as you try to grab it. Clear them out and continue onto the next room.

In this room there is another hidden passage ahead. Hit the wall in the alcove on the other side of the room to reveal the next room, which contains more Fanged Imps and a chest. Inside of the chest you'll find Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes.

This chest in Road's End Catacombs contains Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes.

Now, return back the way you came to the lever from earlier. Pull it, and this time, attack the wall directly under the first set of stairs (like you did with the second). You'll be able to go into a new room, similar to the one you looted the staff from earlier. Take care of the Fanged Imp, grab the Grave Glovewort, and loot the corpse of a Rune Arc.

This is the second hidden path in Road's End Catacombs.

To the right of the corpse is another passage, with a narrow set of stairs on the left immediately. Descend down the narrow staircase and loot the corpse of Root Resin, then hit the wall. Continue ahead, grabbing the Grave Glovewort and there is another fake wall.

Hit the wall and soon, you'll find yourself in a room of coffins with the door to the boss room just ahead. Continue on to start your fight with dungeon boss, a Spiritcaller Snail.

How to beat the Spiritcaller Snail of Road's End Catacombs

The Spiritcaller Snail of Road's End Catacombs technically isn't that tricky to go about defeating. Except for the fact that 1) it's invisible most of the time, and 2) it uses summons to do its dirty work. It also doesn't help that these summons are quite powerful, but, at the end of the day, they're still just summons.

With the boss using summons here, it's only right that you do so too. Without a summon, this fight will be much more tricky and tiresome than it really ought to be. Put your Spirit Calling Bell to good use and summon one of your favourite Spirit Ashes to kick off the fight, and you'll be off to a strong start.

The Spiritcaller Snail's summons are tougher than the boss itself in Road's End Catacombs.

As soon as the Spiritcaller Snail's summon is distracted by your own, use this as an opportunity to completely wreak havoc on and fell the summon. When the summon dies, you next task is to locate the boss as quickly as possible and attack them before they conjure yet another summon. They'll normally be in a corner of the room, and you can tell by the fact that there will be a glow around wherever they're hiding. Once they summon again, you simply need to repeat the process of tearing through the summon and then attacking the Spiritcaller Snail until it's felled.

If your summon dies in the process, things will become a little trickier. However, by this point in the fight, you should have become slightly accustomed to how the summons attack. You'll have to approach the fight with the summon as you would with any other soldier across The Lands Between, dodging when needed and attacking when there's opportunity, until you can ultimately attack the Spiritcaller Snail again and fell them.

The Spiritcaller Snail of Road's End Catacombs is far from the strongest enemy in Elden Ring.

The Spiritcaller Snail itself is a weak creature. While it has some relatively low natural resistances to Bleed, Frost, Scarlet Rot, and Poison, it's also weak to every single type of damage by 10% or more. More specifically, its biggest weakness is to Slash damage, with it having a 40% weakness to this. So, if your weapon is capable of slashing away at the snail, you're going to rip right through them.

Once the Spiritcaller Snail is felled and their summons put to rest, they will drop the Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes.

That's it for Road's End Catacombs, but if you're in need of more Glovewort, take a look at Deathtouched Catacombs and Black Knife Catacombs. On the other hand, if you fancy finding something different to do in The Lands Between, our Elden Ring walkthrough has plenty of tips and ideas.

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