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Elden Ring is getting ray tracing in a patch, will support 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

FromSoftware has revealed some early details about Elden Ring's target resolution and framerate on consoles and PC.

Despite its recent delay, Elden Ring is closer than ever now. Thanks to some new spec details, we know exactly what to expect from the game's performance and resolution on all platforms.

Publisher Bandai Namco shared some new information on its support site, pertaining to Elden Ring's visual and performance targets on all platforms. For starters, the page confirms that Elden Ring will receive ray tracing support via a patch at some point.

This is the first time we're hearing about this, and it's not yet clear exactly how ray tracing will be utilised. Nevertheless, the feature will be supported on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.


On PC, Elden Ring will support resolutions up to full 4K (3840x2160p), and framerates up to 60fps. The framerate limit is a bit disappointing, but nothing out of the ordinary for the studio's games on PC. Modders, usually, get around those limitations fairly quickly.

Outside of that, you can expect HDR and ray tracing support on PC.


On PS4, and PS4 Pro, the game will run at 30fps. PS4 uses the standard 1080p resolution, whereas PS4 Pro has the sharper 1800P (via checkerboarding). PS5 offers two separate modes, one prioritises resolution and the other performance. The latter targets 60fps, as you'd expect, and the former is limited to 30fps.

PS5 runs at up to 3840x2160p in both modes. HDR is supported across all PlayStation consoles, but ray tracing is limited to PS5 - available in a patch.


The split is a little wider on Xbox. Xbox One, and One X are both locked to 30fps, but the former runs at 900p and the latter 4K. Both new consoles: Xbox Series X, and Series S will offer a 60fps performance mode.

Unsurprisingly, Series S has the lower render resolution of 1440p, compared to Series X's 4K. Series X is also the only Xbox console that will support ray tracing when it arrives. HDR is supported on all, except the base Xbox One.

Elden Ring is out February 25, and there's a network test scheduled for next week.

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