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Elden Ring patch does one thing only Steam Deck owners will care about

Today's Elden Ring patch has a single patch note.

Image credit: VG247, Bandai Namco, Valve.

Today, FromSoftware released a new Elden Ring patch. Updates to the open-world action RPG have been sporadic, and the ones the game occasionally gets almost always focus on balance tweaks (particularly for PvP), alongside fixes to certain bugs here and there.

Today's update, however, comes with one simple tweak that seems to be a response to a Steam update, rather than making any interesting changes to the game itself.

Patch 1.10.1, which is the one in question, updates the Easy Anti-Cheat version Elden Ring uses, specifically to support a recent update to SteamOS. This obviously specifically benefits Steam Deck users, as it's the most popular device running SteamOS.

Elden Ring remains, of course, one of the best Steam Deck games (and best open-world games), and certainly amongst the most popular on the handheld. The Easy Anti-Cheat update means anyone playing the game on a Steam Deck shouldn't run into any issues in multiplayer.

It is a little disappointing, however, that it doesn't look like we're anywhere closer to the sort of patches that add Shadow of the Erdtree content. Even though the DLC does not have a release date, or even target window (let's all ignore that leak saying it's coming in February), one would hope that the breadcrumb trail would've already started.

FromSoftware fans dissect every bit of content they get their hands on, so you better believe that the tiniest changes in Elden Ring code would trigger full-on investigations of how they relate to Shadow of the Erdtree.

Until such time, though, all we can do is hope that the next patch will be the one to deliver something.

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