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Elden Ring map has the best order of exploring The Lands Between

If you ever feel lost in the world of Elden Ring, this map will guide you.

The vast world of Elden Ring can be overwhelming to navigate for new and veteran players alike. While the game attempts to nudge you into the path you should be following, not everyone is going to pick up on those admittedly subtle hints.

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One of the most common questions since Elden Ring's release has been how you’re supposed to navigate its vast map; where to go after you emerge, and what to do after defeating this or that boss. It goes without saying that while the game may not display this information, every area has an internal suggested level range that makes some of them accessible at the start, while others strictly off-limits until the endgame.

Indeed, some have used this information to travel to higher-level areas early and farm Runes to overpower their characters for the standard path. If you are, however, looking to use this information as a sort of guide on where to go - a numbered list of areas in the order you should attempt them - this map has the answer.

Reddit user HexTheHardcoreCasual created a map of the game's entire world in the order you should tackle every area. The ranking is based on your level, as well as the rewards you could potentially earn from each. There are 35 sections in total, covering everything from the major locations above ground, the underground zones, as well as the hidden areas you either unlock late into the game, or those optional few you may not even need to visit.

While the map only has very few explicit spoilers, some may consider the fact that all areas are visible from the off (something you normally have to work for) to itself be the spoiler. If you're unfazed by this, however, this map offers solid guidance on how to navigate the world. At the very least, you should keep it bookmarked in case you're ever lost or confused.

You can see it embedded above in full resolution. If you're curious about their reasoning for this particular ranking, HexTheHardcoreCasual goes into some detail about the process on Reddit.

More helpful tips like this one can be found in our Elden Ring guide, which we continue to expand with pages on the game's major dungeons and such. For more specialised pages, such this one with a walkthrough of all required bosses, hit the link.

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