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Elden Ring 2 Wish List: What do we want to see from the next Elden Ring game?

We've been thinking about what we want to see when it comes to the future of The Lands Between.

Elden Ring is an experience, that's for sure.

In our last video, we sat down to discuss various low-scoring user reviews of Elden Ring, to see why anyone could possibly have a disdain for The Lands Between. Now, we're all back discussing what improvements we'd like to see.

While we're all big fans of Elden Ring, we've had plenty of time to reflect on how the game could be better. We still don't necessarily agree with those one-star reviews, but we do know that there are plenty of quality of life improvements to be made.

Myself and Dorrani had plenty to say about our armour. Elden Ring is all about high fashion, which is good fun in itself, but armour didn't have much importance across The Lands Between. I added to this by pointing out how useless our Sewing Kits where. Customisation options were... kinda... non-existent.

Sherif focused on some quality of life additions, rather than trying to turn the Consecrated Snowfield into a catwalk like myself and Dorrani. Sherif hopes for an Elden Ring sequel to feel more organised. It's no secret that your inventory can get messy, especially if you're into hoarding everything you find; nobody wants to deal with that mess as you're approaching endgame.

We can't neglect any mention of Torrent either. I made mention as to how it would be nice to upgrade our horse too, and Alex expanded on this. However, more importantly, Alex emphasises that if there is going to be platforming in these games, it needs improving.

For the real nitty gritty of everything we'd like from an Elden Ring follow-up, check out the above video for the ins and outs of our suggestions.

In the meantime, if Elden Ring has you hooked, take a look at the various theories for a DLC, and how Josh thinks that Elden Ring could be gamings biggest liar.

If you think you're going to return back to ploughing through The Lands Between, keep our Elden Ring walkthrough to hand for the trickier parts of your adventure.

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