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They made Ed Sheeran an anime boy in this new Pokémon music video

They were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Ed Sheeran is back with another Pokémon collaboration, this time with a new song and a fun hybrid live-action animated music video.

If I had a nickel for everytime Ed Sheeran has collaborated with Pokémon, I'd only have two nickels, but it's weird that it happened twice. Last time the ginger singer-songwriter appeared in the world of pocket monsters was in the mobile game Pokémon Go, where he held a special performance. This time it's for a new song called Celestial, which for the most part sounds like your average Ed Sheeran song.

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The music video itself doesn't have too much of a story, and mostly just shows Sheeran going round parts of Richmond Hill, apparently, interspersed with animated bits of your favourite gen one Pokémon causing chaos, like setting his house on fire, or a Snorlax causing a taxi to literally go flying off into the sky.

It ends with some much more anime style animation seemingly replacing Sheeran with Ash in one of the climactic scenes of the series' first film, Mewtwo Strikes Back. Though oddly it has the starters from Sword and Shield as opposed to the upcoming Scarlet and Violet.

Speaking of the latest games, the song is apparently going to feature Scarlet and Violet in some shape or form, which feels more like a threat rather than a promise of a good time. It hasn't been specified how it's going to feature, so I guess it's just a surprise for us all.

Most recently, Wiglett was revealed as the newest critter coming to the games, a Pokémon that isn't Diglett, but just looks like them a lot!

The pair of games are set to release November 18, and will be the first set in the series to feature a fully open-world setting, complete with three main storylines to play through.

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