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Economic adjustments poised for The Old Republic

Economic dramas are rocking the real world, and they're on their way to The Old Republic now, too. Headed your way in patch 1.1.5 is a whole mess of information, tidbits, updates and lore, so you'd better pay attention.

We've pieced together a few of the official, in-character announcements. A bunch of them relate to vehicles: Korrealis is retiring the Sovereign, Prince, Baron and Commander Speeders, while the Tirsa Prime model has also been axed. The price of speeder licenses will be "significantly" decreased, which is either a move by the Powers That Be to stay on-track with the Imperial Transportation Authority, or a decision that will place more strain on the already-struggling Republic's finances. (Countering the drop: A price hike in speeder tax.)

For more information, plus some details on a new haul of color crystals (both purple and pure white), head to The Old Republic blog and see what Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller has to say for himself.

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