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EA issuing pre-order refunds for Battlefield 1943 PC, release date still unknown


Yesterday, it was reported EA was issuing refunds to those who pre-ordered Battlefield 1943 on PC.

Today, we received confirmation from EA it is indeed issuing refunds to those who request it.

According to a source close to Examiner, a refund was requested on a Battlefield 1943 pre-order, and customer service told the purchaser the game would be released on July 9.

However, once July 9 came and went, the user was given a "no questions asked" refund by EA.

We contacted EA to verify this, and to see if it had a date for the long-awaited PC version of the game.

This is what we were told by an EA representative: "All pre-orders can be canceled with refund at anytime and we do not have any further information at this time about a release date for the PC version of Battlefield 1943."

EA has been promising Battlefield 1943 and taking pre-orders on PC for quite a while now, and back in March the firm stating it was "coming soon", and slated for this year.

The PSN and XBL versions of the game sold over 1.5 million units as of May, making it one of the best-selling download-only title on both services, and just yesterday, FADE estimated the title would net $2.5 million in the first half of 2010 on 360 alone.

The news of pre-order refunds does not bode well for PC users who've been itching to play the game on their systems for ages. Here's hoping it doesn't turn out to be vaporware in the end.

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