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E3: Games expected and rumored for the event


E3 officially kicks off Monday, and finally the gaming world can put an end to all the rumors and speculation that always surround the yearly event.

With that in mind, G4 has put together a list of games that it believes may possibly make an appearance at the conference, or at least ones that have a chance in hell of being there anyway.

Included in the list are some that are rumored to be showing up, or one's that are known, yet have scarce information pertaining to them.

Read onward for a small list of titles and a bit of intel from both G4 and yours truly.

The full source list can be found through here.

  • Starhawk: Trademarks popped up for this one last year, and a rumor from March this year has it including some MMO elements. A maybe.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Reggie has said time and time again that the game would be at E3, but you never know. Nintendo could pull a prank on us at last minute. Hopefully it won't - Pat will start a riot if that happens. Miyamoto has said that the game may use the Wii Vitality Sensor, which is another thing we expect to see at E3.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising: Details have been scare on this title, but we're hoping it's not a no-show during Konami's press conference - especially now that box art and the like have popped up for it recently.
  • Pikmin 3: Yes, it's being made, according to Miyamoto, but will it be at E3? That is the bit everyone seems to be unsure of.
  • Golden Sun DS:  Announced at E3 last year, like G4, we've been wondering where the hell it ran off to. Thank you G4 for reminding us it still existed. We thought at first we had made it up.
  • Sonic Free Riders for Natal: This one is still in rumorville, but according to a source of Joystiq's - it's real.
  • Resistance 3: Thanks to a billboard that popped up in LA, and a survey sent out by Sony, we're pretty sure this is in the works in some capacity, we just don't know when, where, or how Sony will announce it.  Whenever that happens though, we're sure the embargo will get broken on it.
  • Saints Row 3: This is confirmed. THQ has banged on about it for a while, and in it's financial call to investors earlier in the year, Brian Farrell promised it would be at the conference.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum 2: Revealed during the VGA's back in December 09, it may be a bit too early on this one, so we agree with G4. Then again, Warner could shock us all. Would be nice to see it, at any rate.
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2: Ubisoft, we're sorry to say this, but either give us proof that the game still exists or announce that it is once and for all dead so we can get on with our lives you genital tease. Thanks.
  • Half-Life 3: Fucking Christ. If there was ever a rumor that imploded the internet, it was this one. But seriously, it's all Valve's fault. Announcing that the Portal 2 event was canceled and being replaced by a "surprise", and then just flat out canceling the whole event - it's no wonder. If anything "surprising" is to be announced, it may happen during the Microsoft or Sony event - or both. Whether that be a new Source engine, HL2: Ep3 or HL3, we'll just have to wait and see. This one has given us many sleepless nights that we want justified, so the "surprise" better be good. Damn good.
  • The Last Guardian: Udea has promised that loads of information will be released on this neat looking title this year, and what better place than Sony's E3 conference? We're crossing our fingers on this one. We just have one request - don't gut us Udea. We don't want our flying cat-thingie to die, okay? Thanks.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar will not be present at E3, but there's nothing stopping Take-Two from showing off the title at either the Microsoft or Sony press conference. Announced or not, we won't be surprised either way.
  • Elder Scrolls V: Bethesda will be showing off The Hunted, Brink, RAGE, and Fallout: New Vegas next week, and currently has "no plans" to announce anything at E3. But, it's high time for another Elder Scrolls, and the fact that there may be an MMO based on the series in the works as well,  has us holding out hope for both. If either are to be announced, we're putting our money on Gamecom in August.
  • GoldenEye revamp: Confirmed by an Activision rep for DS and Wii, this one seems a given, but what about James Bond: Bloodstone the rumored racer from Bizarre? We'll just have to wait and see on that one.
  • PSP2: If the rumored handheld is indeed the real deal, a reveal at E3 would be chocolate cake with loads of nuts and whipped cream. Only thing is - the announcement would have a 50/50 chance of making folks happy or pissing them off. Catch 22 there, and one we are not willing to bet the farm on.
  • PSN+: It's real, and more details should be revealed at Sony's press conference Tuesday.

E3. Next week. Finally. All will be revealed. Maybe.

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