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E3 2013: everything you need to know, all in one place

A lot happened overnight. Get caught up on all the news, trailers, and opinion from Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft after a spectacular day in video games.

Below you'll find a curated list of the best content from our E3 coverage so far. Click through to see all the hottest trailers and get all the goss, as well as find exhaustive links to further coverage.

The biggest talking point of the show so far is, without a doubt, Sony's press conference. Every year armchair commentators declare such-and-such company the winner or loser, and we normally think that's pretty silly - but there's no denying Sony stormed it in in Los Angeles last night with a low price point, consumer-friendly DRM policy, and loads of interesting games on show.

There really is so much more to explore, so hit up the full conference report for everything. We'll farewell Sony with a tech demo for the PlayStation 4 from Quantic Dream, showing off the console's grunt in the hands of a master developer.

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Of course, the Japanese Giant couldn't have triumphed if it hadn't had Microsoft to react against, as Rob argued in his analysis of the two shows. The Redmond contingent brought its A-game, but it didn't matter; the anti-DRM feeling was running too strong. Still, there's plenty of good games to pick through.

Microsoft showed one other first-party goodie - a new Halo game from 343 Industries for Xbox One. It hasn't been given a title, but we're calling it Halo 5 because, well. Look at it.

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On the third-party front, EA had quite a good show. It's deeply in bed with Microsoft this year - much to the delight and horror of cynics everywhere - but the reveal of a new Mirror's Edge game and Star Wars: Battlefront went a long way towards calming the unquiet mob.

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EA brought a trailer for Dragon Age: 3 Inquisition, too, but gave little information about the BioWare RPG beyond saying it is set in an open world and won't be out till 2014.
Ubisoft was in good form, too - it repeated last year's strategy of throwing game after game at the screen, offering action-packed and humorous trailers and barely pausing for thought.

Although it leaked earlier in the week, the Watch Dogs trailer was very well received.

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Nintendo broadcast its special E3 2013 edition of Nintendo Direct, together with a barrage of new announcements, trailers and screens, and by far the biggest announcement was Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS starring Capcom legend Mega Man. We've got 91 gameplay screens here.

Here's the Blue Bomber in action:

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This is only the beginning, of course; the deluge of trailers and assets has barely begun, and news is likely to come hurtling out of the show proper with explosive force. Adjust your safety goggles and do not look away. Do not sleep. Do not eat. Do not get out of your chair. Only consume video games news here on VG247*.

*VG247 does not recommend excessive consumption of video game news in place of healthy sleep patterns, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

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