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Kingdom Hearts 3 announced for PS4

Oh my god. Brenna and I 'bout about fainted. But yeah. Kingdom Hearts 3. PlayStation 4. See the first trailer below.

Franchise creator Tatsuya Nomura made an appearance via video conference at Sony's E3 presentation, where he dropped this bomb in the most casual way possible after re-announcing Final Fantasy Versus 13 as Final Fantasy 15 with a blistering new trailer.

Briefly referencing an upcoming game, Nomura flicked into the trailer, which began with a slow trickle of past Kingdom Hearts games.

"Oh, it's the HD re-release or something," we said, wondering if we had time to get a cup of tea. "Hang on, 1.5 ReMIX doesn't have stuff from Kingdom hearts 2 in it, does it? Oh my goodness that is new material can it actually be happening at last?"

Then we lost our s**t.

The last core Kingdom Hearts release, Kingdom Hearts 2 released on PS2 in 2006. In the interim, the plot has wandered back and forth through prequels and interquels, frustrating everybody. To say the fandom is pleased by this latest news is probably the understatement of the decade. We don't know a blessed thing about it beyond this trailer.

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