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Star Wars: Battlefront announced as in the works at DICE

EA labels boss Frank Gibeau came on stage at the EA press event to talk about Frostbite 3 and EA Sports Ignite to show games built on those engines. DICE game shown first. It's an "all new blockbuster." It was Battlefront, and a small glimpse was shown. A tease rather. It's below.

We don't have platform details as yet, but as EA said its conference was all about next-gen this year, you can probably lock in PS4 and Xbox One at the very least.

The DICE shooter is a successor to an almost legendary series; a third Battlefront game has been rumoured for donkey's years, and is believed to have been initiated and cancelled at least once. That DICE is now working on the game is a result of a Star Wars licensing deal following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and LucasArts, which seems to have resulted in the cancellation of numerous in-house projects as well as third-party titles.

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