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Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition comes with a real house

A Collector's Edition for Dying Light has been announced for the UK and it's an expensive, one-off piece of merchandise. Well, and a house.

The collection is called My Apocalypse and is available for pre-order exclusively from GAME for £250,000.

It comes with four Steelbook copies of the game, professional parkour lessons, exclusive merchandise and a custom built, zombie apocalypse-proofed house.

The house is "fortified zombie apocalypse-proofed" and will be built to order by UK-based Tiger Log Cabins. The house comes fully equipped with all live-in amenities and also includes an upper deck, an escape hatch, arsenal storage for weaponry, and a living area with TV, Xbox One, and the latest sound system.

The survival-focused parkour lessons are from Ampisound, and it comes with custom merchandise and additional in-game perks.

Here's the full rundown: ·

  • Custom built Dying Light Zombie Home by Tiger Log Cabins
  • Zombie avoidance parkour lessons with Ampisound, the team behind the internet smash Dying Light Parkour POV video
  • Be The Zombie match with devs where you win so you can brag to your friends how “leet” you are
  • Trip to Techland in Wroclaw, Poland, to meet the dev team and party with Steve the Zombie Consultant
  • Your face skinned onto your Night Hunter character model
  • Dying Light branded night vision goggles + adult diapers for the night portions of the game
  • x4 signed Steelbox editions of Dying Light
  • x2 Top of the line Razer Tiamat headphones
  • Human sized Volatile figurine to use as a deterrent on human raiders

The Dying Light “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition is available to pre-order now.

It's out on February 27 at retail in the UK.

Dying Light My Apocolypse Editon sml

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