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Goku, Dragon Ball's worst character, is coming to Fortnite

Thankfully, Vegeta is also going to be available to make up for it.

It looks like Fortnite is continuing to go the way of anime, with some Dragon Ball skins seemingly on the way.

Earlier today (July 18), Fortnite leaker, news, and Epic Games partner Shiina was able to confirm three of the upcoming Dragon Ball skins that are meant to be coming to the battle royale. These include the worst saiyan around Goku, in what looks to be his shirtless, Ultra Instinct form, best husband Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form (no we're not making this up), and Beerus, who's just a flat out god.

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Shiina was able the skins thanks to Fortnite news sharer MidaRado, which doesn't seem to be the only Dragon Ball related content coming to the game. According to Shiina, the Attack Ball, that round orb of a ship that Vegeta travels in when he's on his way to kill Goku back in the former's earliest appearance, will be available as a glider.

The famous Kamehameha wave will also apparently be added as part of the Dragon Ball collaboration, though Shiina notes that while they're uncertain of what it's going to be, they think it will most likely be a new Mythic Ability.

A fourth skin is also planned, which Shiina is "99%" sure will be a female skin. Bulma would be the safest bet, but considering more recent narratives introduced some female Saiyans, she's not guaranteed.

There will be a "capsule" item in both the battle royale mode and creative mode, which will likely be referencing the capsules in the game that can spawn all sorts of items. And a "special place codenamed 'Preheat'" is also apparently planned, but details are slim other than that.

Fans also believe that Epic is teasing a Transformers crossover, with a recent tweet noting that "it's Prime time" when notifying players of some planned maintenance. It's that capitalisation of prime, as in Optimus Prime, that has fans suspicious. Alongside the fact that a recent survey made various references to Transformers.

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