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DOOM has no campaign co-op

DOOM's campaign is only single-player. At least out of the box.


The upcoming DOOM won't have any of the fancy co-op tricks found in a lot of today's games. That includes campaign co-op, which will not be part of the game.

Speaking at QuakeCon 2015, DOOM's executive producer Marty Stratton confirmed the news to PCGamer.

Stratton instead pointed towards SnapMap - the game's extensive level editor suite - as a way for players to create what they want to play, including co-op levels. These levels can be strung together to create a campaign-like playlist.

"You wouldn't necessarily carry weapons from one level to the next," Stratton elaborated. "The author could set it up knowing you have this set of weapons as you go into this next component. It's little bit more like a playlist."

He added that this is how things are now and they could change. "This is probably something we'll think about for future iterations."

DOOM is due in 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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