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A limited run of Doom Eternal hard copies for Switch is coming soon

Welcome home, great Slayer.

Limited Run Games are no strangers when it comes to bringing physical copies of Doom to Switch, and once again, they've pulled it out of the bag for Doom Eternal. With thanks to LRG, Doom Eternal will finally be in receipt of some physical copies for the Nintendo Switch.

Doom Eternal initially launched on Nintendo Switch back in 2020, with hard copies on offer. Pre-orders piled in, and in true Bethesda fashion, it all went a little wrong for one reason or another. A month prior to release, Bethesda announced that Doom Eternal would not have a physical release on the Switch, and all of those who had pre-ordered would be refunded.

Fans who eagerly anticipated the game weren't too pleased to see the physical release for Switch cancelled, as is to be expected. In plenty of cases, people opted to order for other platforms to ensure they received a hard copy of the game. However, just over two years on, Limited Run Games have stepped up to give fans what they wanted back on March 20, 2020.

Announced as a part of Limited Run Games' digital showcase, physical copies of Doom Eternal will feature standard, steel book, special and ultimate editions for Switch. Many have queried whether the physical run will include the DLC, considering the issues that Switch players previously ran into regarding the size of the additional content.

Limited Run Games are yet to share any information regarding the DLC, but it appears that news of physical copies of Doom Eternal for Switch is going down well so far. Pre-orders for the limited run open here on 8 July. Will you be picking up a copy?

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